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Next Regional Show
Next Regional Show

July 7-8, 2018
Medina, OH
Buckeye Ohio Rollers












TICA Board Meeting Agendas/Minutes






Message from Regional Director-


On behalf of Cats Rule Cat Club and the Great Lakes Region, I want to sincerely thank everyone who attended the show this past weekend & those who also contributed to the success of the show and banquet. As you can see from the list below, it truly takes the entire region to pull something like this off. I have the very best region in TICA and want to thank everyone (and congratulate the winners).

*Hosting Club: Cats Rule Cat Club
*Co-Show Manager: Margaret Karpen
*Treasurer and Webmaster: Laura Oravec
*Club Members: Vivian Frawley, Mary Hudec, Sophia Hudec, Katy Kinowski, Angela Ng, Linda and Dick Kauffman, Laura and Frank Oravec, Erika Waech, Lynette Karpen
*Catalog Graphic: Whitney Nickel
*Catalog: Laura Oravec
*Catalog coconuts: Deb Mapes
*Vendor Coordinator: Whitney Nickel
*Mary's husband who provided an amazing "Aloha" each more to start the show.
*Fresh, Hawaiian Leis: Mary Hudec
*Rosette Plaques: Vivian Frawley and Linda/Dick Kauffman
*Show Flyers & Spectator Guides: Laura Oravec
*Regional T-Shirt Design: Whitney Nickel
*Exhibitor Goodie Bags: Laura and Frank Oravec
*Linda and Dick who hosted our hospitality suite all weekend with their amazing food!
*Decorations in the showhall by Margaret Karpen and club members
*The gorgeous rosettes courtesy of Whitney Nickel
*Raffle table run by Whitney
*Clerks: Maricia Munden, Dawn Faust, Barb Martinec, Jan Poole, Anthony Hutcherson, Honey Gilmore, Wayne Pedersen, Chuck Becker & Master Clerk Randy Rothbauer
*Stewards: Sophia Hudec, Kaylee Poe
*Judges: Steven Savant, Aline Noel-Garel, Al Walbrun, Chris Unangst, Marion Yates Schiff, Jamie Christian, Carol Lawson, Steve Lawson, Rick Hoskinson, Robin Austin and D'Ann Kovic
*Photographers: Preston Smith and RJ Dominick
*Sunday's Shaved Ice station courtesy of Angela Ng
*Regional Show Reporters (who had the report out before tear-down was over): Cory and Nikki Crandall-Seibert
*Publicity: Margaret Karpen
*TV Publicity: Mary Reiss, Vivian Frawley, Kent/Shelley Sopa and Lori Dominick
*Corporate Show Sponsors: Litter Robot and Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat
*Show Sponsors: Prairie State Cat Club, C&C Savannahs, Belgian TICA Friends Cat Club, Charchet Chartruex, Great Lakes Friends of Felines Cat Club, Showcats Columbus, Purrdocs Birmans, Toni Jones & Vicki Jo Harrison
*Shelter Cat Sponsors: Paws for a Moment Pet Spa & Boutique and Carole McFadden

*Banquet Coordinators: Deb Mapes & Katy Kinowski
*Set-up of Awards: Rick Hoskinson, Emmons Brown, Kelli Hallifax & Tracey Biedenbender
*Banquet Decorations: Whitney Nickel and assistants Margaret Karpen & Brian Austin
*Banquet Graphic: Whitney Nickel
*Awards Booklet: Donna Maddox
*Powerpoint Presentation: Chris Unangst
*Award Presenters: Vivian Frawley, Geri McKerlie, Jamie Christian, Chris Unangst, Rick Hoskinson, Heather Lorimer, Heather Pedersen, Mary Reiss, Jan Poole, Nikki-Crandall-Seibert, Barb Martinec, Dawn Faust, Dewane Barnes, Emmons Brown, Chuck & Christie Becker
*Award distribution team: Rick Hoskinson, Anthony Hutcherson, Steven Savant, Kaylee Poe and Sophia Hudec
*Great Lakes "Bests" banner: Ruth Willett
*Photographers: RJ Dominick and Preston Smith
*Awards Verfication: Lori Dominick
*Awards letters: Donna Maddox
*Award Sponsorships: Lorna Friemoth
*Awards: FatPet Awards

Judge of the Year: Rick Hoskinson
Clerk of the Year: Jan Poole
Show of the Year: On Safari (Great Lakes Cat Consortium)
Member of the Year: Nikki Crandall-Seibert
Rescue of the Year, The Linus Award: Elfin Poly Magic (Sarah Fenske, Owner)
Piggy of the Year: Cory/Nikki Crandall-Seibert
Junior Exhibitor of the Year: Kaylee Poe

If I have forgotten anyone, please accept my apologies and gratitude for your work as well.

Please mark your calendars for next year as Showcats Columbus will be hosting the 2018 Great Lakes Regional in Wilmington, Ohio, August 10-12.

Liz Hansen
Great Lakes Regional Director

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Attention Great Lakes Members...

The EO is working hard to reduce the number of credits folks have (to keep the IRS happy).
If your name is on the list, you have a credit with TICA. If you would like to know the amount, please email Liz Hansen (

How to use the credit:

1. If you have a TDS Online account, your credit is automatically deducted from Membership, Membership Renewal, Litter Registration and Kitten Registration services. If you do not have a TDS Online account, you may go to and follow the steps to set up a free account.

2. If you would like to apply your credit to other services, including pedigrees, etc., simply deduct your credit from the total service amount and remit the difference - note that you are applying your credit.

Please help us do some spring cleaning and spend your credit!


Liz Hansen
Regional Director- Great Lakes
The International Cat Association

Follow this link for the list of credits...
List of Names


TICA Great Lakes Region 2016-2017 Award Winners
Note: Top Cats Photos have been updated!

Follow this link to the new 2016-2017 Winners page!
TICA Great Lakes Region 2016-2017 Award Winners


2017 Great Lakes Region Special Awards Winners

Judge of the year: Rick Hoskinson

Member if the year: Nikki Crandall-Seibert

Clerk of the year: Jan Poole

Show of the year: On Safari (Great Lakes Cat Consortium)

Piggy of the year: Cory/Nikki Crandall-Seibert

Junior Exhibitor of the Year: Kaylee Poe

Rescue of the Year, The Linus Award: Elfin Poly Magic (Sarah Fenske, Owner)


Photos by Preston Smith Photography   |   Copyright 2006-2012 Liz Hansen